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Low maintenance Plants

If you are in need of interior design solutions that feature live indoor plants, then Flora has the solution for you. Of course, you may be thinking that you would love to have all of the benefits of live indoor plants in your space, but could do without the needed plant maintenance and care.
Flora consultants can help you find low maintenance indoor plants that will thrive in your unique interior environment, even if space in your property is at a premium.
Flora Customer Service Specialist take great care in maintaining the health of your indoor plants. With regular maintenance appointments, our consultants take the time to familiarize themselves with your workspace and the plants that inhabit it.

Easy care for indoor plant species

There are plenty of different types of indoor office plants that work well in low light situations, require less watering than other plants and generally have lower maintenance needs.

Low maintenance indoor plant care

If you have questions or concerns regarding your indoor plant installations, give your consultant a call or ask the plant doctor using our online form.