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Indoor & Outdoor Plant Maintenance

Keeping an indoor plant arrangement happy and healthy requires maintenance and specialised care. Our friendly staff are passionate about keeping all interior plants vibrant and beautiful all day, every day, and they are expertly trained to do so. The team at The Flora pay meticulous attention to every detail, so that you, as a client, need not worry about a thing.

Why is plant maintenance necessary?

Plants are living organisms. Just like you need food, water, and health care, so do plants. The importance of plant maintenance, therefore, lies in safeguarding your plants’ health, so you maximise your investment in your indoor and outdoor décor.

What is plant maintenance?

A plant maintenance service takes care of all the work that goes into keeping your plants healthy. After all, you have more than enough to do around the office or your home without adding plant care to your to-do list.

What's involved in indoor plant maintenance?

Following the design and installation of your plant arrangement, we develop a maintenance plan that fits your schedule and gives the plants the care and attention they need to remain healthy and vibrant.

We water, polish, dust, fertilise, and remove dead leaves and branches. Essentially, we do whatever it takes to keep your plant arrangement in stunning condition. No more, no less. We also replace plants as required.

Since plants are living organisms with individual needs–and dependent on their environment– giving plants the proper care for their location can become a challenge. For example, different areas of an office create their own environment (whether near a cooling duct or window). Therefore, indoor plants have unique needs.

This is where our expert staff really flourish. The ongoing maintenance of indoor plants is a challenging task, requiring regular attention. The team at Flora Plant understand exactly what is required to keep your plants happy and healthy. This means minimal time spent on maintenance and maximum results.