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Office Plants

Enhance your business environment with natural beauty by adding office plants to your workplace design. Plants can offer your company benefits far beyond simple aesthetics. People find solace in spaces decorated with abundant greenery. University studies have concluded that with the presence of plants employees take fewer sick days, feel less stress, and view their work space more positively.

Breathe new life into dreary conference rooms, lighten the mood in reception areas, and brighten lonely cubicle and desk spaces with the best office plants. Plants can enhance any space in your office while invigorating customers, clients, and visitors. Beautify your building and improve workplace efficiency and employee morale with our help. Flora can handle orders small or large.

If you are interested in adding office plants to your workspace then Contact Flora to talk to one of our interior landscape designers and find out what we can do for you.

Easy to care for office plants

One of the things that causes business to decide not to have live plants as office plants is the maintenance involved. They worry about having to water the plants, prune the plants and making sure they thrive. However, Flora office plant experts can help with that. We will set up an interior landscaping program which will include the installation of the plants into your office space and  of those plants, including replacing them when they need it.

Our plant specialists know which plants require the least maintenance and can thrive in an office environment that may be low on light, water and space.

We can determine which office plants are the best fit for your workspace. We will discuss your interior design and landscaping needs and come up with the right plants, planters and maintenance system for your needs.

Large office plants

You need not limit your office plant search to small plants. Large office plants can also enrich the environment and appeal of your space. A more sizable plant could even help make a bolder visual statement to visitors.

If you are looking for large office plants, we can help decide which types are the best fit for your area. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Office plant design

Flora office plant experts don’t just show up at your business with a truck full of random plants. We are interior landscape designers. That means we study your office and business. We take light readings to get the right idea about which plants will work best for each situation.
It’s more than just office plants, but office plant design. We make sure the right planters are used to add color where it’s needed. We also make sure to use the right plants based on your needs for plant maintenance, water and light needs.

Low light office plants

Another key component of successful live plants in offices l is the light situation. Many offices and office buildings do not have sufficient light for some office plants. However, Flora experts know there are some very nice, green, indoor plants indoor plants that can be used as office plants requiring little to no light.

We will find the right office plants for the various parts of your office building that will work with the light levels and also provide the best visual solutions you are looking for. We can provide office plants for areas with high light requirements, but also low light plants for areas near elevators, interior spaces and areas where there are few if any windows.

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