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Small indoor plants

At Flora, we believe all workspaces, small and large, can reap the benefits of indoor plants. Even desks can benefit from the addition of small indoor plants. Our Flora consultants’ creativity is not limited to space.
We can add standing indoor plant containers or table size plant containers to your space utilizing smaller shaped plant species that offer a subtle touch of nature. We will recommend plants that will thrive indoors and enhance your space’s existing decor.
Our Flora consultants will help you transform your interior with the healing powers of plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. The species of plants we use are hardy meaning they require little light and water to thrive.

Benefits of small indoor plants

There are many benefits to having a small indoor plant on your desk or in your office. Greenery helps people enjoy their workplace more while making us more calm, productive and happier. For as long as the Earth as been around, humans possess a natural pull towards nature.
Harmful toxins like formaldehyde and ammonia are proven to contribute to sick building syndrome. While your well being all depends on how exposed your are to the toxins, putting plants like these can help reduce these harmful chemicals from entering your blood stream.
Plants can also reduce background noise and noise pollution. Depending on the plant, the leaves can absorb sound at high frequencies. This makes a more relaxing office environment and can reduce tension as well.

Small indoor plants that purify the air

One of the main benefits mentioned above is that plants purify the air. When oxygen gets to your brain, you can think more clearly. More oxygen increases blood flow to the heart and to the rest of the body, which makes you well rested and more focused. There are plenty of plants that help purify the air around the office; however there are a few plant species are a good fit for the office.